Hello! So, today I decided to start this challenge. It'd probably open up my mind a little for the best, and I can use it to challenge myself to speak about me -which I'm not really used to- and to defy my mind to not quit it -since I think really often that I'm a quitter.

Let's start!

Day 1. "Explain the meaning of your name."

My name is Agostina. It is a Latin name which means "great, magnificent". I'm often told that my name is rather uncommon because the name Agustina is way more usual. I get angry when people confuse my name and call me Agustina, instead.

My parents picked my name from a baby's name book, so it doesn't really mean anything to me. I sometimes think that it wouldn't matter if I changed it. When I was younger I used to hate it, that's why I introduce myself as Tina these days.

always, bitter, and deep image

I don't have much to say about this topic because of the lack of information, but I hope you liked this post.

I'm also publishing short articles in Spanish (I should translate them to English). So if you know the language, just go to my "Yo" collection.