Hello everyone! Today I will write about something different. I went and searched the meaning of my entire name. I have four names: carla sofia marques Cruz. It is not that big but let’s get started!

Carla – it comes from the masculine Karl. It is believed that it has a lot of origins such as English, Italian, German and Spanish. In the German culture, it means free woman.

Sofia – this name also has some origins but it is believed to be mainly greek. It means wisdom. It is very popular amongst royalty.

Marques – it has Portuguese roots. It usually means god of war. Apparently, it came from the “son of Marcus” that was a part of royalty.

Cruz – it has an Iberian origin. In Spanish and Portuguese, the word means "cross", either the Christian cross or the figure of transecting lines or ways.

This was a short post but I did find out more about the origin of my names. It is funny how two of my names are kind of connected to royalty. If you are curious about your name just go and search! It is totally worth it. Don’t Forget to check out my other posts.