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By the way, I don't want to lose time. As you can assume by the title, I'm going to give you a Guide (if we can call it like that) to start writing articles.

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OK, so let's get started!

  • Motivation. The first fundamental component to start writing articles is to be motivated. If I write because I feel obliged to do it or because I want to follow the mass, I will find myself after three articles without any other ideas. Why? Because my initial motivations weren't as deep and serious as I thought they were. Be careful. Don't start without asking yourself first. "Do I really want to do it?", "Do I feel the need to write for other people?"
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  • Find Topics. Find topics to write. It shouldn't be difficult. What you need to do is reflect on yourself and what you want from this new experience. What do you like? What are your hobbies? What is your particularity? For example, I am gay and every week I decided to write an article about the LGBT world. I am also Italian and for this reason I write articles to teach my language to those who want to learn it. I am also passionate about art, study, fashion. I write about what makes me feel good and what represents me. So, the task that I entrust to you is: take a card and write the first ten things that come to mind if you think about yourself. Circle what seems most relevant to you and you will find your way.
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  • Set Goals. If you set yourself goals, it will be easier to feel the need to continue writing. For example, your first goal might be to become a Recognized Writer by WHI. What you think?
  • Organized. I know, I'm not the best person to say such a thing. I'm a confusing in life, but organization is really everything. Make a scheme or anything that can help you organize your week. So you will know exactly how much to publish and what to publish and you will not be unprepared.
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  • Create a Intro. Maybe you think I'm crazy, but have you ever seen youtubers videos? Everyone has an intro that makes them recognizable. The same thing must happen in the articles. Create your own intro. It must be yours, personal. Don't copy from others and don't make it trivial. For example, I thought about putting a Ciao, to emphasize my origins. But you can choose anything. The important thing is that it's you (and that it is original).
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  • Take inspiration from others. There's nothing wrong with getting inspired by other accounts. It's a very normal thing that everyone does, the important thing is not to fall into the temptation to copy. Look at your favorite accounts and try to understand. Do they have a style of writing? Do they use certain images compared to others? Do they publish regularly? How much? What you need to do is take as much as you can and learn from others. Remember, you never stop learning.
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The article is finished and I hope I have given you some ideas to start writing articles. Let me know what you think and if you are going to write some. Send me some postcards so I can read them and maybe give some advice, if you want.

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