Umm today is the topic of biyokinez. What is biokinez first, let's write this briefly.

🙌Biokinez is the domination of DNA by cells, using mind power and kinetic energy in the body. This energy is to reprogram the body, to make changes in the body.

What can we do?
🙌You can change the eye color.You can stretch your neck.Change the hair color.He can do something like this.

🙌How can I do it?
The ability of biokinez is a skill that requires long hours of study, months or even years.Biokinez exercises should also be done, first of all small development in the body should be tried.
meditation, concentration studies, and daily meditation. All these studies have a positive impact and are being developed when they are applied on a regular basis

Yes, I wrote it today, I hope you like it.My English is not good I'm sorry if I have mistakes I would recommend your search from the internet.