Hey folks!

Today I wanted to tell you all the things I always have with me when I go out.


  • My Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses
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I need to wear my prescription glasses all day. I have prescription sunglasses too because I have blue sensitive eyes and I wear them when I drive mostly. Also if I don't wear them I'll get very bad headaches.
  • My Wallet
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In my wallet I keep a little of cash (just in case), my identity card, social security card, an official paper with my blood type on it, voter card, student card, family picture, memories like cinema tickets or 1 dollar bill from Las Vegas.
  • Hand Sanitizer
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I like to keep bacteria away so I'm always carrying a little bottle of hand sanitizer. I use it when I'm about to eat or when I get out of the bus most of the time.
  • Headphones/ Earphones and My Phone
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As most people, I always have my phone with me but mostly I don't hold it in my hands I leave it in my pocket and listen to music because who can live without music. I use it when I get bored to play though. Another use is when I see something I like I take a picture.
  • A Bottle Of Water
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I like to stay hydrated and I get hot very quickly so it's a life saver especially in summer.
  • Wrapped Sugar
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Sometimes my sugar levels drop low and I can collapse so it's better to be safe. Also Finnick
  • Pad or Tampon
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In case of early period
  • 2 adhesive bandages
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For when I hurt myself, it always come in handy.
  • Pain reliever
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I often have headaches and it saves my life when in school and can't focus anymore because of the pain.
  • Flash Drive
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I always have to retrieve documents from friends or teachers.
  • Phone charging cable and external battery
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So I can always call my parents in case of an emergency and of course listen to music.
  • Car keys and home keys
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Because obviously I need to get home. Duh.
  • Chewing gums
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After lunch I like to take one so my breath is fresher without brushing my teeth.
  • Hair ties
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I struggle with my hair when there's wind so I tie them up or also when it's too hot.
  • Tissues
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When I have a cold or there's no toilet paper. LIFE SAVER.

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