Oct.21,2006, is when it all started this mess. About 24 hours after my first breath, my parents were still decided between "Isabel" or "Sara". My dad went to get some food or something from the apartment. The nurse came over to my mother's hospital room and asked what she wanted to name me.She was hesitant a bit ,but after a couple minutes or seconds.She named me "Sara".My middle name is Isabel.After a few days sitting in the hospital and taking medication.We went home.I don't remember much from my early toddler days. But I remember that my parents both had jobs everyday so I was always being baby sat.At age 4, I went to preschool. Man, my teachers were son of a b****es alright.Well I graduated and all that bs. Kindergarten wasn't really that bad. But my teacher was a b****. Well the red head one.The one that looked lke she was Russian.I had 2 bffs. I dont really miss them though.I guess I have a cold heart. 1st grade.The year I started growing BOOBS . It was extremely uncomfortable because some people would stare at my chest.
The 2nd grade wasn't much.I literally made a folder...of info about my crush LIKE WHAT THE F--(long bleep sound) He was a jerk anyways.The 3rd grade.*sighs* I started puberty.My boobs got a bit bigger..and I was hairy...everywhere...tf...I also had mental issues....(jk jk...some people in my class acted like they were on drugs or needed some mental help) The 4th grade was pretty much the worstest year ever. People called me "salty" and I was one of the girls that had boobs.It was weird because I wore a shirt and my bra was hot pink so you could kinda see it.Tbh..i had no fking clue you could see through. And a guy called me out for wearing a bra -_-. The 5th grade...Im homeschooled. Bestest year ever. Well my story will continue soon....*TO BE CONTINUED*