BTS has captured my heart a long time ago, and I had these thoughts for the longest time too.
BTS always says how thankful they are for us, that they wouldn't be here without us.
This always makes me think because honestly it's the other way around.
ARMY wouldn't even be a thing if there wouldn't be BTS.
Whenever BTS gets an award, first thing they do is shout 'ARMY' like we're the first ones to thank, while they should thank each other, and themselves. The only thing we really can do is vote like crazy maniacs, stream, buy albums/merchandise and go to concerts (whispers:Come to Europe;)). We only have hard times because of the lack of sleep or being broke. They are the ones who blood, sweat and tears, not us.
They are the ones who put their hearts and souls into each and every single one of their songs,perfomances, concerts. Still they are the ones always thanking us!
I just hope they know that we're just as -or even more thankful- for them than they are for us.
They might not know this but they helped us to go through so much, they formed us the way we are now. They changed our music taste, our perspective on life. They showed us how to work hard for something we really want, that's why we are earning these awards, because of them, because they thought us how to do so.

They thought us how to love ourselves and how to love each other. We are just doing what we see them doing.
And even though sometimes we have hard times in our fandom but we will always stand up for each other, we will always support and be there for each other even if we live in different countries. We won't turn our backs on each other because we are one ohana, and ohana means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. We care about each other and we care about them too.
So when they say how thankful they are for us, it really should be us thanking them for making us Us.
Thank You, BTS for making such a badass family what we call ARMY.

The glory is all yours 🌟♥