This is a story about a girl who loved a boy, he was also crushing on her and then they become close, she was happy, but can we say that he loved her back? No, because if he really did all these bad things would never happen. She trusted on him and maybe it was the first mistake she made because she told herself “he’s different and looks like a nice and a kind person” when she actually saw nothing, he made her days shiny when they talk, walk together, spending her time on the phone while texting him especially at night, she was busy.. Just busy thinking about him, her heart pounded when he looked at her in the face and told her that she was the prettiest.

Yeah, he made her happiness, but sometimes she had a doubt on him because she always saw him with another girl and they look very close, she started to be afraid and asked him, of course he said “she’s just my friend”. It was her biggest mistake, she shouldn’t have believed on his words, she was blind, but with time he showed her his dark side, he’s in fact a player, who hurt her feelings, she discovered that he already got a girlfriend and he cheated on her. Just, he broke her, every time she saw him with this girl she wanted to cry, she felt bad, foolish, it was hard for her to live in this situation even if she knew she deserved better. It’s a normal thing to be bad because of someone since she had feelings but she should know : he doesn’t deserve all her attention, her tears, it just means that she was nothing to him. She started to hate this routine, being sad everyday and pretending to be fine when she isn’t, also spending the nights awake with sleeping few hours, why? She always asked this question, like why doing this ? why hurting the others, he was precious to her, but in fact… she’s just killing herself by loving the wrong person.

She wanted to be fine so she looked for her friends and she saw that they were the most beautiful thing she never had, better than this guy. They supported her and to forget her pain, she used to laugh a lot, they used to tell her that she’s better than him and he’s just an idiot. He noticed that she was finally happy without him and he didn’t except that, he was always staring at her when she’s with her friends even if he’s with his girlfriend. We don’t really know what he was feeling, since he’s a player. Until one day, she was alone in the corridor, headphones on her ears, while he was with his friends, eyes on her, he decided to talk to her after silent weeks because when she discovered his bad game she didn’t wanted to have explanations from him, for her, she doesn’t need them.

He walked into her, she didn’t see him coming until his hand touched her arm, she was confused to his vision. He was just smiling; maybe he has these bad ideas in his mind.

“Hey” he whispered.
“Mmh ? Sorry ?” She said with a stupor.
“Why do you act like I don’t exist ?” he said while his voice was stuck with a laugh.
“You know why, huh ?”
“No, I don’t” he express it with shaking his face.
“So stop acting like you did not.”
“Then tell me what’s wrong ?”
“Now it’s not important”
The only reason why she did not want to tell me because she’s afraid to be manipulated again by him, with his words that can affect her a lot, yet she knows everything about him there’s no other doubt, he’s not a good boy.

He looked at her for a long time while a slight smile on his lips appeared, the girl felt nervous, she didn’t really know what to think.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” She said.
He started to laugh, she found him very strange especially that her thoughts see it like an unfunny situation.
“I’ve missed you, cutie” He responded.
“Sorry, I don’t miss you”
“Why didn’t you text me ?”
“I don’t need to do it, are you crazy ?”
“I’m just asking..”
“Oh my god ! Can you leave me now ? why are you acting like there’s nothing ? you have your girlfriend then go with her ! I don’t need you anymore, you’re disturbing me and stop being so dumb. Girls are not toys, and you just lost me now”

She wasn’t afraid to talk to him; he was so surprised after hearing her words that he didn’t know what to say. She finally left him alone in this long empty corridor hoping that one day he will understand that he was wrong, she decided to forget even if she still loves him, but she considers this love as a part of the past which dies. He was just looking at her with an inexpressive face, he already knew what he was doing and the worst thing is that he enjoyed, he doesn’t have a heart that’s why.

At the end, for every girl who is sad, hurt, broken because of a boy, you should know that you deserve better and every bad thing is in fact an experience. Don’t let him broke you, he’s a loser that doesn’t know what he is missing : a beautiful girl like you, move on and show him that you are strong, you will see that he will come back to you but don’t let him enter in your life again ! ignore him and live your own.