Yesterday I wrote an article about songs I've heard in movies and series. So, today I'm gonna write about those movies I've seen throughout my life. Hope you like it guys!
P.S.: I can't write about ALL films I've watched and this is not any top 10 because I know I'm forgetting a lots of movies but, anyway here I go. 😊

1."INTERSTELLAR": It's not precisely a movie that I've watched recently but I love it. I think is an amazing production, directed by Christopher Nolan. It has incredible roles played by Matthew McConaughey, Timothée Chalamet, Anne Hathaway and Matt Damon. It makes me connect with the entire planet.

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2. "ARRIVAL": A friend of mine recommended this movie to me and I think she hit the key, because I was completely in love of the movie. Shots are amazing, the atmosphere catches you from the very beginning and the story is breathtaking. It touched my heart.

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3. "CALL ME BY YOUR NAME": What can I say about this film that hasn't been said at this point? The story is not only about a gay romance but also is related to something that everyone has experienced or is gonna experienced in this life: first love. There is a beautiful attraction between Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. After I've finished the movie, I ended up moved and devastated too.

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4. "THE SHAPE OF WATER": A lovely story between a woman and a monster. Yeah, it could sound strange, even weird but the point is: Who tell us with whom we should fall in love?

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5. "I ORIGINS": This film blew my mind. The story behind the main character, his search beyond what is possible opens a door in which you find yourself asking: "Why not?". A lots of messages are being left while the entire movie.

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6. "PRISONERS": Jake Gyllenhaal (whom I love) and Hugh Jackman play the main characters in this stunning thriller. The shots in this movie causes you intrigue and disturbes you. Paul Dano plays an apparently physco in a really, really good way.

hugh jackman, jake gyllenhaal, and mine image gif, jake gyllenhaal, and paul dano image Image by GL hugh jackman, jake gyllenhaal, and paul dano image

7. "MR. NOBODY": It's the incredible story of an oldman who teach us there is not only one choice to take in this life. The possibilities in this world are more than black or white. Main character plays by Jared Leto in one of his best movies.

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8. " THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER": I watched this movie when I was 15 I guess, and I think it's the right age to see it. It's full of things, moments and feelings that we have at that point of our lives.

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9. "COLLATERAL BEAUTY": Charming and sensitive movie about Howard's life (the amazing Will Smith), who after a tragedy in his life, he believes that nothing can improve. Then he realised how, even of the worst things, we can see the magic. Soundtrack movie: "Let's hurt tonight" from One republic.

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10. "THE DANISH GIRL": Based in a true story. The journey of Einar (Eddie Redmayne) as a transgender pioneer and the accompaniment of his wife (Alicia Vikander) in the whole process is the main story in this film. Heartbreaking at the end but it's worth seeing.

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