Stuck in a rut
Which I cannot escape.
I don't know what
Makes me feel this way.

Yearn to escape.
Such a yearn to travel!
Dare that I say,
I might just unravel.

Need to be free
Wind flowing through my hair.
I am not me,
If I cannot be there.

New York City,
My long-lost and true-love.
I just want to see,
Your 'scrapers from above.

Buildings so high.
The pounding of my heart
Is magnified
By the wonder that you are.

Miss Liberty,
Standing so tall and strong,
Calls out for me
To go where I belong.

There's no staring,
Nor judging of my look.
No one's caring,
Yet, I don't feel forsook.

A peace of mind
In a city so loud.
I think I might
Be in love with the crowd.

New York City,
My sweet "dream-come-true"
None in this world
Could ever compare to you.