where are we now?

We took a drive
just two people on a quest to find love
to make love

later deciding on a destination
but not far from the start we got a flat on a car already low on gas
we patched it the best we could
and kept driving

just you and me and the headlights guiding our way
no real sense of direction
beautiful conversations we had
but the background noise of the radio got louder
and louder

i couldnt listen to your music anymore
you couldnt stand the sound of mine
just static so loud it vibrated inside of our ears and washed over our bodies
numbing our sense of feeling

i took the wheel
because i like control
and we crashed

now, ive always been the girl to run away at the first scent of smoke
but youve always been the man to run into the fire
cradling ashes and charred things out of the building
aching to resuscitate whatever life you can strain from them

what the smoke clouded of your vision was the truth
our love has always been a burning building
but im the kind of girl who carries my whole life in a duffle bag
never to set it down to rest just a moment

i always know where i am there is chaos