Having a healthy hair is so hard! I understand, just doing every single hair mask to have a soft and healthy hair and at the end of the day still have dry and no glowy hair, it sucks! But what if just starting to eat some food can help our hair?

I'm going to tell you 12 foods to help you hair grow, make it glowy and the most important... HYDRATE!


Salmon is rich in protein and Vitamin D. It contains Omega-3 which helps to grow hair!

If you don't eat salmon (Like me because I'm vegetarian) or you can't find salmon anywhere or you don't have enough money you can replace it with walnuts or pumpkin seeds!

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes contain Vitamin A and beta carotene, these helps to protect the natural oils of the scalps.

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This food contains a lor of nutrients, one of them is Iron, which is needed to protect the hair follicles and help hair grow healthily.

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This green vegetable is rich in beta carotene, iron, vitamin C and folate, which helps to keep the hair follicles healthy and helps o circulate the essential scalp oils that helps to increase hair growth.

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This is one of the best food to eat for your hair! It helps to increase hair growth! Try to include lentils to your diet!

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Avocados are very rich sources of Vitamin B and E which is known to make scalp stronger which in turn makes your hair grow better and healthier.

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This as mostly of the food helps for hair growth! The best way to have it is in the form of the flavorful leaves which is usually used as an herb.

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This just like lentils, it's one of the best hair growth food! Include Asparagus to your diet!

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Oats are not only good for hair growth, they help you to lose weight! It also helps in increasing and creating new melanin in the air roots which helps to prevent greying hair.

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This pretty red fruit, helps to make your hair healthier and shiny even if yout hair looks extremely dull now!

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So hope this was helpful and send me a message if one of this food has helped you or if you have tried one of these!

I love you so much guys!