In my life I have often been teased for various things like physical appearance or my character.
I have often heard myself saying 'you're too fat', 'you're too short', 'you're asocial', 'you eat too much', 'you will never lose weight' etc.
Because of this I couldn't accept myself and see myself beautiful.

Over the years I took confidence in myself, I managed to turn my faults into merits and to love myself.
This is just a small list of tips to start loving yourself.
I hope to be of help to people who are going through a period like mine.

[1] Don't compare yourself to others.

This is the worst thing you could do.
We are all different, both physically and in character.
Each of us is wonderful in its uniqueness and this is something that should never be forgotten.

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[2] Try to have good friends.

Having good friends is essential, they know you better than anyone and make you feel loved and appreciated.

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[3] Don't worry about stupid things.

Many times it happens to worry about stupid things like some comments from someone.
The secret is not to give too much importance to these things, you will see that you will feel better.

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[4] Take care of yourself.

One of the most important steps is to take care of yourself, trust that a skin care routine will make you feel better and your skin will thank you.

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[5] Eat healthy.

I know that junk food tastes great and I know that you feel good when you eat it but trust that after a while it's not good.
Healthy food will make you feel better physically and mentally.

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[6] Playing sports.

Same speech as before, it will seem a stupid thing but doing sports can improve everyone's life.

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[7] Cultivate hobbies.

No matter what it is, the important thing is that it is something that makes you feel good, makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
My hobby, for example, is makeup but yours could be drawing, writing, making music, etc.

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[8] Organize your days.

It seems stupid but organizing your days and always having something to do helps you feel better and be more focused on important things.

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[9] Go out with your friends.

Going out with friends and having fun helps to free the mind from problems and worries and there is nothing better to feel good.

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[10] Do what you love.

The last tip is to do everything you love without thinking about what others might think.