Want to push yourself and achieve something new? Want to turn your dreams into reality, your ideas into things and your goals into cold, hard facts? Whatever your dream may be, you are just ONE STEP away from making incredible progress. Your quest is simple:

Choose an action to perform everyday, for the next 30 days

That's right. Every. Day. Think about the goals you have for yourself and come up with something you can do everyday for the next thirty days that would get you closer to your dreams.

There are two requirements for your daily action.

It should be quantifiable i.e. have a number in it.

So, if you're writing a novel, maybe your goal is the classic 1667 words a day. If you want to get healthier, maybe you can make a meal at home or walk a mile every day. If you want to get closer to yourself, maybe it's to write your 3 morning pages every day. If you want to grow your business, maybe it's to make a video a day or write an article a day.

It should stretch your abilities...but not too much.

Make sure the action you choose is not TOO EASY. You don't want to tempt yourself to fall behind, miss a day, or procrastinate. The flipside of that is you don't want to make it too HARD. Your task should be completed in a reasonable amount of time, around an hour or two.

So that's it! Come up with a quanitifiable, do-able action that you can perform everyday for 30 days and then start the clock! Here are a few other pro-tips to keep you on track:

  • Start right now. Don't wait until the beginning of the month when the time to start is NOW.
  • Get other people to do it with you. As Nanowrimo has taught us, there's nothing like knowing that other people are going through the same thing as you! Get a few friends to come up with their OWN 30 day challenge and I guarantee you'll be grateful to have them halfway through the month!
  • Tell everyone you can about what you’re doing! This is going to help you stay accountable!
  • Keep track. It feels good to see those results piling up! If you're writing a novel, there are special trackers made for Nanowrimo that you can use or you can just go old-school and keep track in a notebook!
  • Set a reward! You're gonna want a reward at the end of all this, so if the reward isn't intrisique (i.e. finishing a novel), or hell, even if it is, plan a reward for yourself when this is all over. Whether it's a pizza party or a spa day, make sure it's something you can look forward to!

What daily action will you commit to doing for your 30 Day Challenge? Send us your ideas!

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