And now there is another
Since you left me to die.
You're no longer my lover,
But my favorite goodbye.

I waited so patiently
For that one special day.
When you'd tell me you loved me.
You stole my heart away.

But I am done with waiting!
If you love me just say!
I can't bare even staying
Just one more day!

I've moved on to the next one,
And I think you should too.
When one is forever gone,
Should the other leave too?

Oh, how it pains me to say
That I might just give up,
But I cannot take this way
And give in to false love.

If the other does leave me,
Then at least you will know
How it feels to be lonely
And love all on your own.

I know I'm not vengeful,
But I just cannot stop.
'Cause of you my heart's not whole.
I must end up on top.

I admit when no one's 'round
I hang my head and cry.
All my tears fall to the ground
For another goodbye.

Maybe I'm crazy or mad.
Just maybe "out-of-mind".
But I can only be sad,
When I know you're not mine.