How I Escape From Reality

By Probablyancientbeauty

"drapetomania = the urge to run away"

Reality, it can be harsh to us and sometimes we need to escape those. This is how I escape mine.

The Beach

I don't know why but when I'm at the beach I feel invincible and free. You could also say that the beach is a safe haven for me.

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Yep I said it, crochet. I feel like people think crochet/knitting is for the elderly, please rethink that. In my spare time i like to crochet halter tops and sweaters + I lose track of time which can be helpful.

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We Heart It

I really don't think you guys know how pleasured i feel to have you guys in my life. You're all there when I need you the most and you are all really friendly.

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Get within nature or even pop into your local arts centre (mine is free and its great because: neon signs, optical illusions etc).

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How do you escape from reality?

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"lols I sound soo professional "

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