i want to share with you my friends these landscapes that brings me joy hoping that i can give a bit to you :) and before you watch them i just want to remind you that every day is a fresh new start, no matter what!

1) countryside- here you will find the truth and the beautiful simply things of life

country, countryside, and field image nature, friends, and flowers image
beautiful, peach, and peaches image
5, lifestyle, and mark image

2) sea - italian sea

boat, holiday, and italy image travel, summer, and sea image
castle image

with the exception of the pretty como lake

aesthetic, beautiful, and italy image balcony, italy, and places image

3) mountains- the old mommas

home, italy, and landscape image
holidays, dolomiti, and summer image
Alps, lake, and longhair image

thank you to take a minute to read and watch this article,, i' ve really appreciated it :) what's your favourite landscape? :*