1. I learnt to think more positively

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During the last 15 days, I learnt that every day is important and unpredictable. Each day of your life is yours to discover and to live. No matter what happens in life, there will always be great days, bad days, sad days and happy days. All these things that happen are made to help you to understand what life is. This is a gift, a chance. All we have to do is be ourself. And be happy.

2. I found love

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Two weeks ago, I was meeting a new guy. He looked kind, smart and cute. He seemed just perfect for me. But I was so afraid. I was afraid of the love he could give to me and take it back after a few time.
but I finally realized that this fear was just a way for me to hide my feelings. I realized that this guy could be good for me, even if he could hurt me too. So I decided to let the things happen and actually, great things has happened.
Now I'm feeling just fine about these feelings and I'm trying to deal with them.

3. I learnt to believe in myself

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During these 15 days I learnt that I was able to create great things. I learnt that it was okay to fail sometimes and that it was okay to feel bad some days. But what really matters is to be ourself and to believe that all the things that we want can happen. We need to believe that the sun will always come back after the hurricane.

4. I learnt to be myself

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This challenge taught me to be myself and to stop thinking about what other people think of me. I learnt that I could wear my favorite clothes if I wanted to, even if the others don't like them. I learnt that it was okay to wake up every morning and say " Everything will be find, I don't care of what they think."

5. I learnt to stop being so naive

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I've always been a naive person. Two years from now, I could fall in love with someone and trust in this person in three seconds. But I met a guy who taught me that people could be really mean and stupid.
This guy, who is my friend now, helped me when I was feeling bad, and I think that my life wouldn't be the same if he hasn't been there. So, this week, when I was feeling lost about my feelings, I told him. I was thinking that he will help me, once again. But he just said that I should talk about these feelings with every person I was feeling comfortable with. What he doesn't know is that he's the only person I feel comfortable with.
That's why I decided to write about these feelings here, to show him that it was okay. That I'm feeling just fine, even if I would prefer to keep him in my life, no matter what happens. But maybe he doesn't want to keep me in his.
But it's okay. I need to deal with my feelings by my own.
What he taught me was true, life is just a game. And what's important in it, is to roll the dice and play it.