The 14th day of my;

My favourite movies that I never get tired of watching

➸ Pride & Prejudice
I've mentioned this in a few of my articles, but Pride & Prejudice, the series as well as the movie are my go to's when I'm sad, bored or just depressed. It is the only movie that I can watch every single day, the only movie that can really cheer me up. I always push my boyfriend to watch it with me and he already can say almost all the words a long.

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➸ Lord of the Rings
I honestly think that the Lord of the Rings are the best movies that are ever been made. Besides that, I've got the extended version, so every winter of summer my mother and my boyfriend have a marathon with lots of snacks and cozy blankets. That moment makes me always very happy.

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➸ Monsters INC.
So Monsters INC is literally my favourite pixar movie ever. I loved this movie since I was little and I never stopped loving it. This movie makes me so happy and brings so many happy memories.

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➸ Almost all Marvel movies
I am a real geek, so I am all about the superhero movies. I almost love all the Marvel movies except for the new spiderman movie, because I'm just not digging Tom Holland as the new Spiderman. Anyway, Iron Man may be my favourite character ever along with Doctor Strange.

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Here are just a few movies that I cant stop watching, because they are just so gooooood.

Lots of love,