hi<3,i'm iggy, and im so glad you clicked on this article !i have put together a list of songs by artist with similar songs/themes as Tyler the creator.You may have heard of a lot of the people on this list because they may have done songs with him,i really enjoy these songs and i'm gonna link my playlist that contains all of the artists and songs in the list at the end (i'd like to add that all of these artist have really entertaining and aesthetically pleasing music videos so don't be afraid to go watch them)

steve lacy image
#*STEVE LACY- is an incredible artist with a really cool voice,he plays guitar very soothingly and i'm sure you'll enjoy his music fav songs by him :dark red,ryd,and some
band and music image
#*SYD/THE INTERNET- is the 'frontman' of band 'The internet" (steve lacy is in this band ,and yeah they have no bad songs idc idc) Syd has done a song with k-r&b artist Dean (who i'll probably do a whole thread on bc man he is amazing) called "love" (IT"S SO DARN GOOD) and other solo songs which are amazing but i favor the songs she's done with her band
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#*KALI UCHIS- know yall see how cute she is (dawg like omllll)her voice is amazing and she is a great live performer , she's also done songs with tyler (their most recent song is called "after the storm"10/10) and she's also done a song with singer jorja smith
jorja smith image Image removed
#JORJA SMITH- bad asl ,,but anyways her voice is angelic and mesmerizing and all her songs are good and have a chill vibe

FOLLOW MY PLAYLIST:i'm sure you'll find something you like ,i mean the least you can do is listen to "tyrant" by kali and jorja:))

Also fmoig?let's be friends! recommend some music @fxllyspice
lol the last one of these i made seriously flopped so show some love yall, jeez