Hello everyone.

Welcome back to the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter). I honestly don't know what to explain about this part. So, I'll post some of my favorite dishes/beverages.

Day 9 - Make a list of your five favourite drinks/food

1. Pizza

pizza, light, and food image iphones, cute, and flower image Temporarily removed pizza, pink, and neon image

2. Hot chocolate

chocolate, marshmallow, and hot ​chocolate image cream, cup, and nuts image chocolate, food, and drink image drink, coffee, and food image

3. Frech fries

fast food, food, and French Fries image food, fries, and yummy image food, fries, and McDonalds image Temporarily removed

4. Lemonade

drink, lemon, and lemonade image lemonade, lemon, and drink image Temporarily removed lemonade, pink, and drink image

5. Ice cream

bffs, group, and yummy image black, ice cream, and food image Temporarily removed ice cream, food, and summer image

I know, pretty basic. But it's just what I like.

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Have a nice day.

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