List 5 places you want to visit

1. Paris, France

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Paris has been my number one destination on my list for years! It's the city of romance for fuck sakes, of course, I want to go. I would always dream about it as a little girl. Everything there just fascinates me; the culture, the sights, and the thought of love (can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic?).

2. London, England

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I live in the city, so cities always feel like home to me. Plus I want to ride the London Eye. Come on, that thing is so big! Imagine the pictures you could take off the top of that!

3. Venice, Italy

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The fact that the city pretty much lives underwater intrigues me. Having to use a gondola to get around to most places seems cool. Not to mention Italy has some of the best food around and you know I want to be around to help eat it all (wink wink).

4. The United States

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

I've been to Orlando, Florida already for obvious reasons (Disney World), but I want to see more of the states like Arizona, New York, California, etc. Plus I have many internet friends that live there, and I want to visit them (if you're reading this, I love you guys <3). I'm aware that there's a lot of gun violence going on there right now, so maybe now isn't the best time, but eventually, I will go.

5. Bora Bora Island

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While the cities can be stunning, it's nice to get away to a beautiful tropical place. Bora Bora is gorgeous with bright, blue waters and warm, sandy beaches. I can almost hear it calling my name.