My dreams are weird, that I know. I don’t remember having a normal dream, like a realistic one. There is always something that makes me realize that I am in a dream and even if I know I can’t stop feeling scared. The ones that I remember are always scary ones (because of the feeling they cause me).

Last night, I wake up because something was descending from the ceiling towards me, like a huge insect. By logic it can’t be in my room so I know is a dream, but something appears in my window making me doubt. The thing that I thought was an insect is, in fact, the shadow of what is in the window. The feeling that I have mistaken, the feeling that I didn’t have it right and the feeling of not knowing what really is, makes me ask if I am still in the dream and I start to be scared. Is more like a feeling that I’ve been played by the maker of my dreams, if it is my brain, then I’ve been played by my brain.
There is where I wake up.
I don’t want to close my eyes cause the minute I do, I’ll return to my dream.


I meant nightmare.