This article is going to be about the universities I'm thinking about applying to.

Here is some background information about me. I live in Texas and I go to a public high school. I'm graduating in 2020 and I don't know what I want to study.

University of Georgia (dream school)

football, uga, and university of georgia image Image by Alayna Dae

California State University at Long Beach

beach, california, and lb image Image by Alayna Dae

University of Texas at Austin

Austin, ut, and Texas image Austin and ut image

University of Texas at San Antonio

utsa image utsa image

Florida State University

beautiful, campus, and college image tailgate and fsu vs um image

Texas State University

texas state university image tsu image

The Juilliard School

(just applying...most likely won't make it)

the juilliard school image goals, music, and school image

thanks for reading!

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