What Is It?
Vegetarinism has several sub catagories (ovo, ovo-lacto, lacto, etc), but is basically a diet without meat. It's important to note that some animal products like eggs and dairy may or may not be eaten, which differs from veganism. People adopt a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs, animal rights movements, personal preferences, or health routines.

What Do They Eat?
Vegetarians eat plant-based foods, often vegetables and fruits. They can still eat grains as well. Nowadays, vegetarians have much more options, and there are brands and/or food chain restaurants dedicated to making vegetarian friendly foods. Even those who serve meat have become more welcoming and adapted to this diet.

Are There Benefits?
Studies have found various health benefits, mainly lowered risk of diseases (cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, etc). Some point to longer life spans. Also, vegetarian diets are full of healthy vitamins, minerals, etc. They are full of calcium and healthy fats that work wonders for your body.

Other Info
Before becoming vegetarian or starting any diet, be sure to talk to your doctor or a health figure. Diets are different for everyone, as we all need different nutrients and amounts of them. Be sure to do what is the most beneficial for yourself!

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