There’s no way in denying that most of us judge by our hearts. We see that it is very difficult to put our minds first as a defense line, so we let the heart be the leader.
The problem is, most of the time, our hearts see things differently… they see the beauty and purity in everyone and everything around them when actually they might be the total opposite. We are quick to put our hearts on the table, we see that the mind is too complex to deal with so we prefer to let our feelings and good intentions win.
Judging a person you are in love with may be hard because our love makes it difficult to see them hurting us or deciding that they might be taking some wrong actions or decisions, but it is guaranteed that every now and then the voice inside us talks and gives us signs that we willingly ignore because we just can’t imagine a world without them.

But when we see someone who we didn’t have the time to form a connection with is far easier to judge by our minds, we see everything about them more clearly… the good things and the bad things… then we let the heart decide if we should keep them or stay away.
It has always been a war between the heart and the mind… I’ve never seen someone who judges with both or tries to balance the feelings and the thoughts. And there is no rules, there is no right and wrong… everything you go throw is a lesson you learn something from… every person you meet is either a gift or a lesson… either you judge by your heart or your mind, no one can tell you that you’re wrong because all of us go throw the same struggle everyday… and that’s okay.
There are no bad people, there are bad circumstances that makes us behave badly… whether you like what is in front of you or not… be nice, or keep silent…
And finally, Do not let anyone make you feel bad about your choices, everyone has their own visions and minds… you’re okay as you are… everyone runs their own story… so write yours too…