Traveling is thrilling, nerve-racking and can be a great experience, although many people are often turned away at the idea of it due to anxiety. Hopefully, I can help get rid of a least some of your anxiety and give you all some tips and reasons as to why you should travel.

And here they are...


To start off, Stay open-minded. Being open-minded will make you less stressed out and have positive vibes, and you definitely want good vibes while you are on vacation.


If you are going to travel and be on a Plane or in a Car for a long period of time, or you are feeling a little anxious. Buy a journal or a notebook and make it look pretty. Document how you feel and what you are doing or just draw init. This will distract you and leave you feeling calm and relaxed throughout your journey to your destination.


Let's say you aren't very artistic and prefer music. Well, put some headphones in and listen to your favorite album or song. (My favorite song at the moment is Monster- English Version By HENRY) And Another thing is Don't Stress out if you think your music is too loud. If it is, think of it like this, you probably have good taste in music and the people around you deserve to hear how good your music taste is. At least that's what I do.


Another thing you could try is Reading. Bring a book you have been wanting to read or a book you really want to finish. Reading is a good distraction, makes time pass, and is good for the soul


The last thing I would recommend if you forgot your headphones or you are horrible at drawing or writing a journal, and you hate reading. The last thing I would recommend is Sleeping. Sleeping on a plane or in a car can be Uncomfortable, but it makes time past as well. Plus It can also leave you energized to go and explore once you get to your destination.

I hope this helped and I hope you all stay safe while traveling!