There are many artistic souls on WHI, and today i wanted to share some of my favorite movies which satisfy the artist inside me. Some of these movies aren't about art itself, but the visuals and the plot is the actual art in my opinion. I hope you really take a look at these movies, some of these movies made me feel so much, and that is exactly what art is supposed to do.

1. Loving Vincent

gif, loving vincent, and Painter image

This movie made me cry so much. This movie is about my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh who was a struggling artist in the 1800´s. He made incredible art, but no one wanted to buy it. He was a troubled man, mind and soul. After his life he became one of the worlds most famous artists, and sold millions of paintings. This movie is unique, its the first movie in the whole world who was made out of oil on canvas. 120 painters made this movie. The plot circles around a man who is sent by his dad to deliever a letter to Vincent's brother, but later start to investigate Vincent´s death. A truly fantastic, beautiful and sad movie.

2. Midnight in Paris

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This wonderful and magical is about a struggling artist who travels with his wife to Paris. He dreams of becoming an artist in Paris, argues with his wife, and later discovers he has somehow travelled back in time to Paris in the 1920´s every midnight. This is truly for the art lovers, and for those who love the old times.

3. Ratatouille

paris, Dream, and ratatouille image

Another beautiful movie about Paris. The visuals are so beautiful and magical in this movie, and so magical! Food, paris, and disney is a perfect match.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

movies, poster, and wes anderson image

I dont even know where to begin with this movie. Its one of my favorite, maybe the favorite, its so great! The visuals are so stunning and aesthetically pleasing. I was entertained every minute in this funny, sad and beautiful movie. Go watch it now! 🙆🏼

5. Black Swan

black swan, natalie portman, and perfect image

This movie is a bit dark, but its definitely worth watching. This movie is about a ballerina who struggles to embrace her darker side. Its a kind of movie who gets you to think "what really happened???". The visuals are great, and this is a movie who really gets you emotional.

I hope you liked some of the movies, these are some of my favourites! In my opinion these movies are the definition of art, because they make you feel so much and they get you thinking of the meaning beyond the plot. Have a nice day everyone!