My dearest baby,
Once I dated somebody who made in me a big wish to become a mom. Since then I hope to be able to give you everything you would want. I want to be the mom you expect me to be. And most importantly I hope your mom and dad would always be together once you are here. I want to be able to give you enough and I want to raise you to be intelligent, kind, loved and loving, brave and strong human who will leave a positive impression on everyone you meet. I know it's weird but it's a little letter for you, my dear first baby.
My twenty years old self has a huge smile on her face thinking about the day you'll change my life for good. I can't put into words what you'd mean to me and your daddy.
I can't wait for the first days of motherhood. They will be grueling, emotional and crazy but they'll be worth it because I know you will be the cutest baby in the whole world.

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I can't wait for mornings with you - You will wake us up and I'll help you brush your teeth and then brush your hair and will make some cute braid. On weekends we can have pancakes. At the evenings we'll wash you and cuddle, then before you sleep I’ll read you a fairytale every night and tuck you in.
I can't wait for our first family holiday, the sun and sea blessing us. Maybe it'll be Spain or Italy but wherever it will be - I'm excited.
I wonder what you'll be interested in - maybe it'll be ballet or cooking, ice skating or art. I'll encourage and support you in whatever you choose to do. I promise that at Christmas we would wrap your fathers and relatives presents and make gingerbreads. And in our house would be the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree.
I hope you will love your siblings and they'll be your best friends. I hope you can share wonderful memories and stay close all the way into your adulthood.
I can already promise you that we will have a dog and it will grow together with you so it can protect you and play with you.
At our weekends we can paint in the kitchen together and we’ll put your drawings on the fridge, we can watch cartoons and dance around to our favorite songs.

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I don't know yet when you are planning to come to this world but I already know that you will be desirable and I with your father will do everything for you. Your mommy and daddy will be a stable factor in your life and both me and daddy are really strong people, even though I have no clue who your dad's going to be. I know that because your mommy is already here and that's the kind of man I fall for. Daddy isn't scared of a little rain and daddy will always be there to protect you, guide you through and teach you lessons in life I can't.
I wish you would live your life to the fullest
Never ending loving you,