To you reading this, if anyone decides to read this I want to talk about a key issue I struggle with on a daily. Loving myself. It's easier said than done and I'm sure many of you know this; because nobody teaches us to love ourselves. Instead we are degraded and insulted for not being perfect. Well guess what? We're human, Fuck perfect. What does that even mean anyway?

My idea of perfect is loving yourself for who you are, loving your flaws, your weight, your skin colour and everything else that makes you stand out. Love your birthmarks, your freckles, just simply love yourself. It's what makes you you, it's what makes you beautiful.
I compare myself to every girl I see, wishing I had long hair like that girl, or a skinny waist like that girl, or flawless skin like that girl.

But it's time to stop. You see I don't want compare myself to other girls, I want to start loving myself. I'm on journey to find a better me, to work for a better me. I suggest others to do the same. Happiness is important not living up to society's ideals of being "perfect" or whatever that means.
Being skinny, thick, fat is all cute. All bodies no matter the shape, size or colour are cute af so quit body shaming and just learn to love yourself cause you beautiful baby. You are a goddess. A Queen. Own that shit.