For so many years I've heard about a band, the 1975, but I'm never been curios about it. But about four months ago, one day, when I was listening music, I wrote that name in the search bar and I listened for the first time one of their song, that's ''Chocolate''. Since then I listen their songs everyday, they make me feel strangely well. I don't know why, but they give me a sense of inner peace.
When I have a bad day, I take my earphones and listen them and I feel immediately well. All of my thoughts go away, it's like the world disappears. There are only me and the music.
I advise everyone to try to listen one of their songs, any one, it's indifferent. If you already know them or if you'll listen one song, let me know what do you think about*. I'm curious.

There are some of my favourite tracks:
- Chocolate
- Robbers
- Change of heart
- Somebody else
- The sound
- Girls
- Heart out

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