Hi, guys! Today I'm coming with the ELEVENTH DAYYYYYYYY, WOOOOOOO!!!

So. Get back to serious. Today I'm talking about something that I always think "what if...", you guys ready?






I saw this title and I was like "wow, do i think that?" and YES, I FUCKING DO.

I do think what if I stayed in the U.S. when I was younger.
I do think what if my dad would stay forever in jail bc he was ilegally in the U.S. and he was deported.
I think all the time, what if we stayed in there and we had never to move to Chile, because there was good people.
What if my dad would have his legal papers.
What if my mom did.
What if we stayed there and I had this weird last name. Torreblanca. And people at school wouldn't get how to pronounce it.

And I would have never learnt English, because in home we spoke Spanish.
So, I would have been confused until I understand there was two different lenguages.
And people here in Chile would have never asked me if I knew how to speak english just because I used to lived there (I DIDN'T, PEOPLE. I HAD TO LEARN).
I would have never met my friends, but maybe i would have some different.
Maybe I would have been bullied my entire school years. And I would have to move several times, because my parents would wanted the best for me.

I don't know what would have happened, because we had to leave. And that wasn't our fault. It was mean people's fault, because they didn't wanted us there. This people, doesn't know what "family" is, they don't know that "family comes first". Because they didn't give a fuck about family.

When they deported my dad, it was hard, because me and my little brother were american citizens. We could have been taken to the goverment. At the Bush's goverment.

Do you people really want that to a 3 and 1 yr old kids?

I like to believe that people who read this, is not xenophobic (xenophobia: the phobia to foreign people or to a nation in particular). But if you think that us, Latinos, are inviding the U.S.... please think it twice. Because those inmigrants, have children, not always inmigrant children as well, sometimes thos inmigrants have american children.



So, that's pretty much everything I have to say about my What if thoughts.

See you guys tomorrow.

Lots of love, Cat.