I´m in love with many couples of movies and series, i love the way they are, and their stories are amazing, sometimes i think omg i want meet someone like he or she. I want shared with you some of my fav couples. sorry my english is bad.
I just put couples of series later of movies.
Here we go.

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The end of the fucking world.
Hot, vampire, and the vampire diaries image
The Vampire Diaries/ Caroline and Klaus
skam, william, and noora image
SKAM/ Nora and William
spencer, kiss, and toby image
gif, mary, and reign image
serie, the vampire diaries, and scarlett byrne image
TVD/ Nora and Mary
haleb and gif image
Pretty Little Liars/ Caleb and Hanna
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TVD/ Damon and Elena
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Teen Wolf
boy, girl, and Hot image
Teen Wolf
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gossip girl, blair, and chuck image
Gossip Girl
couple, ellen pompeo, and greys anatomy image Image removed
Grey´s Anatomy
television, jon snow, and jonerys image
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