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"i like airplanes. i like any where that isn't a proper place. i like in betweens." -?


quotes, quiet, and theme image introvert, lockscreen, and wallpaper image quotes, beauty, and brain image quotes, text, and fake image dark, depressed, and fake it image quotes, book, and heart image
shy, introverted, intelligent, observant, open-minded, dreamer, sarcastic, etc.


yellow, rose, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image adidas, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and kfashion image Image removed fashion, aesthetic, and kfashion image
i love sweatshirts, leather jackets, baggy shirts, anything aesthetic, and outfits inspired by kpop idols.

music (artists)

camila cabello image Image by Toma Martirosyan lauv image troye sivan and troye image Image removed Ellie Goulding, blonde, and singer image
camila, bea miller, lauv, troye, billie eilish, ellie goulding.
blackpink, jennie, and kpop image bts, min yoongi, and suga image
i also love kpop but I'm too lazy to find pics of my favorite groups so here's my favorite members from my two fave groups.

tv shows

maia mitchell, friends, and best friends image pll, pretty little liars, and lucy hale image aesthetic and riverdale image end of the fucking world, james and alyssa, and eotfw image
the fosters, pretty little liars, riverdale, end of the f***ing world.


nerve, couple, and emma roberts image la la land, emma stone, and ryan gosling image black panther, blue, and gif image camp rock, demi lovato, and Joe Jonas image
nerve, la la land, black panther (and any marvel movie), camp rock (and other throwback disney channel movies), and disney movie.


drink, pink, and tea image tea, coffee, and drink image aesthetic, milk, and drink image coffee, drink, and food image
pretty much love all milk teas and iced teas.


pastel, pink, and food image food, aesthetic, and tumblr image food, pancakes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, coffee, and food image
pretty much any asian food and any kind of noodles/pasta; also i love all desserts except donuts (:


books, evil, and fairy tale image Agatha, black, and book image book, reading, and bed image aesthetic, book, and boy image
honestly i haven't read many books since i'm really slow but i do like alice in zombieland, one of us is lying, and school for good and evil (i read this when i was like 10 but its the only series i've gotten somewhat far in lol).


aesthetic, coffee, and food image music, grunge, and cd image aesthetic, quote, and words image grunge, music, and pale image
writing, singing, listening to music, dancing, dreaming, watching youtube and tv.


travel, clouds, and airplane image sky, pink, and purple image quotes, travel, and lost image bullet, diary, and writing image
travel more, get good grades, become truly happy, make a bullet journal, finish the school year well and prepare for possibly a new life.
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