Welcome to my new article!
I am going to write this type of article every week on Monday, this is my second article on this topic!
It's just tracking of what I wore previous week.

  • monday
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At Monday I wore a classic black jeans with oversized blue shirt and brallete under it.
  • tuesday
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At Tuesday I wore a v cut white t shirt with black jeans. And to keep me warm I found this huge black and white pattern cardigan.
  • wednesday
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At Wednesday I wore black jeggins, burgundy sweather with black flowers on it, but I couldn't find a similar one.
  • thursday
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To celebrate a Women's day I wore a black tshirt with The future is female written on it. I paired it with blue jeans and black adidas jacket.
  • friday
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The last day of school I wore blue jeans, light beige sweather and messy bun.

That's it, hope you liked it!

Sorry for some mistakes in text, I'm not native in English language.