Hey there, beautiful people! Today is Sunday, and I started thinking how almost every Sunday is a day full of laziness and sadness, so I made a list of things to do for you when you want to avoid the Sunday blues, hope you like it!

1. EAT!

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Maybe this is a bit obvious, but eating the things you like most makes you really happy, so it if you are on a diet or whatever, do yourself a favor and eat that pizza, it's Sunday, you deserve it!

2. Dress up and do your makeup (If you use make up).

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Sometimes, when you dress up, do your make up, and look at the mirror and feel satisfied with your style, it immediately make you feel accomplished, confident, beautiful, and happy. Every time I dress up and do my make up, I feel super confident with myself and I want to take a thousand pictures of me, give it a try.

3. Watch your favourite movie or favourite series.

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Is there anything that makes you happier than watch yout favorite shows or movies?

4. Listen to music and dance.

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I believe that there is nothing more effective for curing sadness than dancing.

5. Be with friends.

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Friends are the best remedy for everything, expending time with your friend and having a great laugh with them is the best way to expend time, stay inside and watch a movie, talk about things, watch funny videos, do whatever you want, you know those are the best times.

6. Go outside!

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Take your bicycle and discover new places, explore your city, go take a walk, take some pics, go to a museum, just go outside, breath, and get inspiration from everything around you. If you think that going out alone is boring, take a friend or a family member, is really fun to explore places with the people you love.

7. Give yourself a little treat.

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It can be anything, buy yourself that thing you want the most, eat the candy that you love, write, play games, do things that will pamper your soul, you really deserve it.


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So that's it beautiful people, thank you so much for reading this. I hope that this will help you anytime you need it

Have an amazing day... 💘