One tree hill is one of the most beautifully heartbreaking, undeniably emotional and unbelievably inspiring shows I have watched and I can easily say Brook was my favorite character in show and not only in that show she is my all time favorite character.

Brooke Penelope Davis is strong, kind, ambitious, intelligent, beautiful and list goes on. She teaches us how to be confident and brave. How to believe in yourself and your capabilities.She accepted herself for who she was, and never adjusted to meet anyone's standards or expectations. She always laid everything out on the table.Everyone knew that Brooke was something special. From the first episode she had an ambition like no other. "Brooke Davis is gonna change the world someday"

◥◥She is the greatest friend that anyone could ever ask for.

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" First your going to let go. Now we're going to sit, and you are going to cry on my shoulder for as long as you need to"

◥◥She took a stand against being labeled, insisting that she was enough for the world.

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"People are gonna label you. It's how you overcome those labels. That's what matters"

◥◥She was proud of the person she was, and didn't let anybody tell her differently.

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◥◥She didn't become jaded to love, no matter how many times she got her heart broken. Brooke Davis got her heart broken time and time again - from when Lucas cheated on her with her best friend, to when Owen made her feel like she was worthless. Brooke could have given up so easily on love, but she held on to the belief that true love is worth waiting for.

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"I'm not the most eloquent speaker,so I thought I would borrow a few words from Shakespeare, "Love is not love which alters when it alternation finds." when life gets hard, when things change, ture love remains the same. We all can use a little hope sometimes, you know. That feeling that everything's gonna be okay and that there's going to be someone there to help make sure of that."

◥◥She goes through some amazing character development. first time you see Brooke, She is stereotypical cheerleader, But she grew some much. She became independent, strong as hell woman.

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"Life kicks you around sometimes. It scares you and it beats you up, But there's day when you realize that you're not just a survivor. You're a warrior. You're tougher than anything life throws your way."

◥◥She always looked out for her family and friends, and put everyone before herself. Brooke always wanted to make everyone happy

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◥◥Brooke is sassy as hell when needed and we love her for that

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"you better back off unless you want your next period to come out of your nose" ◥◥"I'd punch you in your fake nose right now but you'd just go out and buy another one"

◥◥she never failed to give us inspiration quotes. "there's only one tree hill", and there's also only one Brooke Davis and she is amazing ♥

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""somebody please tell me you've got love figured out, because I got news for you; it's pretty darn messy right now. But I guess it has always been that way. Wanting to be loved, to find somebody that makes your heart ache in a good way... feel understood. So.. if you're robots, or aliens, or something and you're watching this right now and that feeling no longer exists; well.. you missed it.. and i feel sorry for you. 'Cuz as fas as i can tell, that's what it's all about"
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"You think you know me, but you don't, and that means you don't know what I can do."
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"Sometimes my heart aches at how my life has turned out in a good way. It doesn't mean there haven't been hardship, there have been, but I'm here and here is good"
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"You know when I was a freshman I wasn't a very good person.. And over the last four years I've forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me, and i started believing in myself and in my potential.. and somewhere along th way, the lost little party girl became the girl on the wall of honour. I know what I did was wrong, I know, but the girl I was when I came here , I'm not so sure she would have. And isn't that the point of high school ? I mean isn't that what you've been trying to teach us for the last four years?"
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"Love can be for a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or even a family. Where you find it is up to you"
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"You don't get to have me, not my body, and sure as hell not my heart"
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"When you stop fighting, you stop living. We all need that thing that's worth fighting for. Maybe it's certain someone, or a special place, maybe just an idea. So find your fight, and fight like hell, until your battle is won"
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"I used to be a bit of a bitch just for the sake of being one, but now I am a bitch for sake of my friends and family. You don't want to test that"
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"Do you know what my mother said to me when I told her I wanted to start a company? She said your chances are one in a million. And I said maybe I'm that one, and she said you're not. And she was wrong. Because i am one in a million"
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"Let me tell you something about love. It doesn't knock often and when it does you have to let it in."
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"At the end of the day, you are who you are, and it's probably who you've always been"
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