Hi, I'm Gloria and I wanted to show you my morning routine :)
Soo here we go...

I usually wake up at 6.40 - 6.45 am. because I am very lazy and I'm NOT a morning person (I like to sleep a lot) but I'm trying my best to become one.

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it takes my a lot to get out of bed

Bathroom time
I wash my face, brush my teeth, dress up and some times if I feel a bit special I do a messy bun.

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Some times I go back to my room and I put on some make up if I feel like I need it. Lately I've been avoiding it because I'm lazy and I have been telling myself that I am beautiful without it.

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I go to my kitchen to make me some tea. I ADORE tea, my favourite one is black tea. I don't eat anything in the morning because I'm in a hurry.

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In the end I grab my jacket, put on my shoes and I'm ready to go...

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Thank you!

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