"Write a list of your five favorite movies"

Before I start, I just wanted to say that this was the absolute hardest thing yet. I'm a huge comedy lover, and film is an amazing art form that I adore. You'll see quite a few raunchy teen comedies in this selection, by the way. It's my favorite genre of all time. Some that won't be included on the list but are still very much my favorites are The Wolf of Wall Street, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Fight Club, Jackass (my heart hurts from putting this off the list), Cashback, Road Trip, Napolean Dynamite, Wayne's World, and Sleeping Beauty.

5. Dazed and Confused
Maybe it's because all my friends were stoners when I first saw it. Maybe it's because when I was a Freshman, I was adopted by cool senior friends and that part hits home. Or maybe it's just the soundtrack. Either way, this movie is one of the best films you'll ever subject yourself to. It fully vibes in teenage debachery in a way that is ridiculously close to home for any generation.

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4. American Pie
I love this for a lot of the same reasons as the last one, but the theme is different. It's all about sex, and not wanting to feel left out. When you are young, so much of your mind is focused on getting that one thing, whether it be social norms, puberty, or both. The movie really captures that and has some good laughs along the way.

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3. Mallrats
For whatever reason, my Mom made me watch this when I was way too young. But I loved it. I got some of the jokes, like the melted pretzels or Jedi shit, but others came later. I adore every Kevin Smith movie, but this is indisputably my favorite. It features the best Stan Lee cameo of all time. Jay and Silent Bob practically raised me. I grew up hoping to become Brandi, but really just ended up like Brody.

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2. A Bug's Life
This was my favorite movie for a good thirteen years until #1 took its place. But it's still a close second. I won't even say this is that good of a movie (although it's not bad by any means), but the nostalgia factor has it rated really high on my list. I relate a lot to Flick, kind of being hated by everyone but still trying to be nice. The animation is a work of art, and I've always really enjoyed the characters. And plot. You know what? This movie is amazing. I take back what I said. Just go watch it.

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1. Almost Famous
I can't say enough about this movie. My dream has always been to be in a band for just a fleeting moment. This is a glimpse into that world. I don't think any love story is as pure as Will and Penny. I quote it constantly. I make every single new boyfriend watch it so he can understand me. I feel so much for every character. I'm a writer and a hopeless romantic like Will, but a free spirit like Penny. Sometimes I feel tossed aside like Jeff, and others I can't help that I outshine a lot of people, like Russell. This movie is a deep love I will never unseed.

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