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(y/d/n): your dog's name
(y/n): your name


She sat outside in the garden, she was watering the plants while her dog, (y/d/n), was running around, wrestling the new chew toy that her boyfriend had gotten him a few months before he left for months upon months for football. She quickly turned around when she heard a car engine pull into the driveway. (Y/d/n) ran out to the front through the open gate, that leads to the front of the house. "(Y/d/n)!! Don't run out onto the street!!" She yelled, quickly dropping the hose and running out after him. She came to a halt when she saw her boyfriend, Odell Beckham Jr, petting (y/d/n) with a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Odell looked up with a smile, "hey, (y/n). Miss me?" He asked as he let go of her dog and walked over to her. She stared up at him with wide eyes. "Is this real?" She asked before quickly pinching her arm. She let out a tiny yelp when she felt the pain burn her arm, so she gently rubbed where she pinched herself, letting out a quick laugh. She let out a sob before jumping up and hugging him tightly, with her legs wrapped around his torso. She let out a quiet sob into the crook of his neck, "I've missed you, O." She cried holding onto him tightly. Odell hugged her back tightly, rubbing her back gently as she let out quiet sobs. "I've missed you too, love." He mumbled into her ear.

After a few moments, she gathered herself and quickly pulled Odell into the house. They talked about everything and anything for hours. (Y/n) let out a laugh as Odell hugged her from behind as she cooked pasta."I've missed your cooking so much, (y/n)." He said, burying his neck in the crook of her neck. "Odell, come on." She whined trying to dump the pasta into the strainer. Odell let go with a laugh pulling out his phone. He let out a sigh, "I'm sorry, babe, but the guys want to meet up for a little celebration." Odell said causing the hot pot to slip out of her grasp and crash onto her foot. She let out a cry, and Odell quickly picked up the pot and tossed it into the sink. "Love, you okay?" He asked worriedly. (Y/n) looked down at her foot, that was obviously burnt very badly. But nonetheless, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "you were planning on leaving me? You just got back." She claimed. "You're more worried about that then your own foot?" Odell asked gesturing to her foot. (Y/n) sighed, "that isn't an answer, Odell." She said with a frown. "Yes, only for a bit. It's my boys," He said causing (y/n) to frown even more. "But that's not fair. You just got home and you're going to leave me?" She asked, getting upset with him. Odell rolled his eyes, "really, (y/n)?" He asked. "You know what Odell?" (Y/n) said as she walked to the door, opening it. "Have a good time, Odell." She said with a fake smile plastered on her lips.

Odell looked over at her, letting out a sigh as he rubbed his face. "Babe, I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying," He said as he walked over to her. (Y/n) shook her head, "no, Odell, you're not seeing where I'm coming from." She said, pointing her finger at his chest. "You just came home, and for the past months all I've wanted to do is hug you and cuddle with you while watching movies.That's it. And when you finally get here, you're leaving me, to go hang out with the guys you've been with the whole entire time you've been gone. But I'm in the wrong, right? Why can't you just meet me halfway, Odell? I don't mean to sound like a clingy bitch, but I've missed you. The only times I saw you was when I watched your games, which by the way, I watched every single one of them wearing your jersey, cheering you on. But you know what? Go have fun, just don't expect me to open the door when you come home late, Beckham." (Y/n) snapped with her voice rising. She watched Odell pull out his phone and call someone, only making (y/n) angrier. "Hey, man, I'm calling you to tell you I'm not going to make it to the party, imma stay with my girl tonight. I gotta meet her halfway." Odell said, not once taking his eyes off of (y/n). Odell spoke a bit more before hanging up, putting his phone back in his pocket. "(Y/n), I'm meeting you halfway. You ready to watch Finding Dory while cuddling?" He asked with a grin on his lips.

(Y/n) smiled as she closed the door, before hugging Odell tightly. "I'm glad you came to your senses, now go get the movie set up and I'm going to finish dinner and put some ice on my throbbing foot." She spoke, causing Odell to laugh as she limped her way back into the kitchen.