100 songs for March

finally my march 18 playlist is published on spotify. I actually have been working on it since last February because you guys quite liked my taste in music so I wanted to share more with you. I might be editing the playlist if I still find some good songs. Or I will be putting in in the next playlist. I havent decided yet...

I hope you like some of the songs too...

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these are my favourite songs in this playlist

Same Old Blues - Phantogram
( i dont know why but this kinda reminds me of feel it still by portugal.the man)

Fire - Diskopunk
( this song is firrrreeeee)

Bringing The House Down - CLOVES
( I bet we are going to hear a lot from her soon)

The Fall - half alive
(i heard this band was criticized for sounding like twenty one pilots)

Sedona - Houndmouth
(i imagine this would be a bomb song to sing in the car with some friends)

California Numb - CLOVES
(CLOVES is amazing)

Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey
(you guys know she is a queen)

Carry On - Janne Schra
( i love the guitar in this one)

Bibi the dog - M83
( what a jam. it is french)

Baiya - Delphic
( oh hell is breaking loose)

Holidays - Miami Horror
( a songs for a happy mood)

Electric Feel - Coast Modern
( i love the refrain so much. a song to dance too)

1950 - King Princess
(harry styles tweeted it. thats how i discovered it. my boy has some great taste in music)

Didya Think - Arlie

One of us - New Politics
( i love the beginning of it a lot)

the link to the playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/annamikey/playlist/4Iq8WcfU7GQpvFb2axdRbL?si=Kkz4UfaeRPSR7tsT8vhO6w

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