Hi everyone! in this article i tell you what mythological race is the most compatable with your zodiac! hope you enjoy reading this

Aries: Acephali - headless men that had mouth and eyes on their breasts

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Taurus: Cynocephaly - dog headed people

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Gemini: Machlyes - hermaphrodites whose bodies were male on one side and female on the other

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Cancer: Korybantes - armed and crested dancers

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Leo: Spartoi - strong wariors that sprung from dragon’s tooth

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Virgo: Panotii - nothern men that had gigantic ears the size od their bodies

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Libra: Hyperboreans - giants that lived on the north and had perfect lives

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Scorpio: Dactyls - race of small phallic male beings

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Sagittarius: Anthropopagus - race of cannibals

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Capricorn: Skiapodes - a tribe of one-legged men who used their enormous foot to shade themselves from the sun

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Aquarius: Lotophagi - people that lived on island filled with lotuses. That’s the only thing they ate and they were narcotic, causing them to have long peacuful sleep.

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Pisces: Astomi - people that had no need to eat or drink anything

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