Everyone has 'one of those days'. There may not necessarily be a reason for it, but sometimes just life, in general, can bring you down, and in these days it's important to put yourself first. Find something that allows you to escape the day and hit pause on life for a while or something that will cheer you up. Everyone is different, but let me suggest a few:

Read A Book

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Grab your favourite book and your favourite beverage. Sit in a comfy area and just immerse yourself for an hour or two.

Watch A Film

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Watch a film that you've seen a thousand times but makes you feel good. For me, it would have to be The Parent Trap (1998) and Safe Haven


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Find a quiet spot, put on some relaxing music and just cut off from the world for a little while


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Go for a run, clear your head, it helps, I promise.


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Listen to some great music and watch your mood change!

If you're reading this, I hope you do find your escape.
If you're having 'one of those days' remember everyday only has 24 hours in it, make tomorrow a good one!