First things first. I am messy. Utterly.
Given that, I have no themes planned at all. My posts the next 30 days won't be sorted nor thought through. I think - I write.

And I'll write. Not always on the same hour as the previous day, but somewhere between early morning and late night.

As I am sitting here and letting the words flow, I find myself slipping away from my noisy surroundings and entering my mind palace. Fascinating, isn't it? How whe, writers and non writers alike can escape the reality and dive into our dreams at any given time or situation, if we have the desire to.

Now fully ermerged into fantasy, I can begin to introduce you to myself; featuring the first subject of this challange: Concerts

Don't let yourself think that this is inpersonal. At the very contrary, I am only myself on the wide world web and during concerts. There is something extraordinary about attending these events. The feeling of being a part of something big, and something the performer loves undeniably may contribute to the personal relevation.

I have been to three of these. I had the privilege to see Shawn Mendes back in 2016, him performing at my very first concert. As a long time fan of him, I don't think there had have been any chance of him dissapointing me, because I know what he is capable of. But to be truly honest, I didn't to the biggest research on the earlier releases in his career and was sometimes, considerably, at a loss of lyrics.
Overall, a thursday night I never want to forget.

Early this year, my sister took me to a Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly concert, a band I have never had heard of prior. By the way, these guys are worth checking out if you are into hard irish rock/metal. With all respect to the mendes army, I have to be honest and state that the metal fans created a far better atmosphere in the stadium. A feeling that is hard to describe.

Last, but definatly not least, last week I had the honor of attending the heartbreak century tour event. Sunrise Avenue destroyed my body and soul and being and mind and life. I have never seen such enthusiasm and love on stage. Again, I didn't prepare any lyrics and was pretty much screwed during the older songs, which I haven't listened to in quite some time (I know all of them now).

Upcoming concerts: Nickelback, Ed Sheeran

I hope you enjoyed my first article and will tune in again tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry for any grammer and spelling mistakes, my laptop software apparently doesn't include autocorrect.

P.P.S. I am planning on immigrating to Ireland in a few years and won't mind any language corrections!

P.P.P.S. How the heck do you insert pictures between paragraphs?!