Maybe I still don't know where I am supposed to go, but where I am at right now, feels great!

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I have turned my phone off since three weeks now and I feel so much better. I feel less stressed and pretty balanced. I don't worry about anyone, who doesn't write me back anymore. It's one of the best things I have done this year so far!

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I'm so proud of myself, because I finally got my presentation for geographie done and I wrote my economics exam today, which was stressing the hell out of me during the last few weeks and it was kinda fine actually!

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I recently realized, that I barely think about him anymore!
And thats something I'm so greatful for!
The old me is FINALLY coming back! I really missed her!
I love myself again, more than I love anynone else!

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After all I also remembered, that I should be grateful for everything, and yeah I am. I'm so grateful that I got this woman back in my life, who has seen me growing up, but she had to leave and I haven't been seeing her in 4 years. Last week my dad gave me her number and I called her, now I'm going to meet her on sunday. And that makes me so so so happy! :)