This article is to all the republicans out there. If you're a democrat, we might have the same opinion.
I want to point out that I'm not hating on republicans AT ALL, I just don't understand many things and I don't agree with many things.
I'm not even from America so if I'm wrong, please tell me. I'm based on what I have learned about republicans in school and from the news. If you have a different opinion or you simply want to say that I'm incredibly wrong, please do so. My inbox is always available.

But anyways, let's get to the point. Half of America is republican, Trump is republican. What I have learned is that republicans:
- hate communists
- make the rich richer and the poor poorer
- love weapons
- hate new ideas such as gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia etc.
Those are the main ideas I'm addressing today.

Apparently, republicans hate communists

In my history class, my teacher told me that republicans hate communists and that they think that democrats are basically communists as well. I live in Belgium, and our system is kind of a mix between communism and capitalism. We have a free market, in- and export etc. But the government still owns many businesses such as schools, hospitals etc. And I can't imagine why not. School and hospitals are something for everyone in the country, isn't it obvious that it's controlled by the people who lead... everyone in the country? Or is that just me?

Apparently, republicans make the rich richer and the poor poorer

Another thing I learned in history class. When all businesses are controlled by independent people (don't really know how to say it in English) they get very rich. The owners of businesses earn a lot of money and the gap between rich and poor becomes huge. If the 1% richest people in America would donate 5% of their wealth the the rest of America, no one would live in poverty. That's triggering right? I feel like that is not the system I want to live in.

Apparently, republicans love weapons

Oh boy, the weapon industry in America, I don't get it. So many people die because they got shot in America. I honestly can't find 1 reason why a country that's so big and powerful would allow their citizens to walk around with guns whenever they please. If I had kids, I would be frightened. Just the thought of giving my kid a gun. I'm so happy to see that many states are prohibiting it, but I believe there is still a long way to go. Why oh why?

Apparently, republicans hate new ideas such as gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia

This is something I got from the news, online and the very lovely guy Donald Trump. He does not support gay marriage, which makes me so mad. If you have not read my article on it and you're interested, here it is:

I don't have a problem against abortion either. I don't think we should promote it, but I think that we should allow it in extreme circumstances such as rape. I don't get it. Republicans promote freedom, which I appreciate, but they hate on it just as much. You are free to earn a lot of money, but being yourself, oh hell no. But that's how I see it, please correct me if I'm wrong.

That was all I wanted to say and I'm very sorry if I insulted anyone. That was never my intention, I just have a strong opinion and a big mouth. I reread my article and I know it's a little harsh, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I want someone to come across this and think "Oh that girl is so wrong". And I hope that person will tell me, because I have a feeling that I'm wrong, even though I don't know what's right. My knowledge is very limited so please help me understand.

I hope you have a wonderful day,
Lots of love,
x H.