Hello world! 🌍 I know I haven't been here for a while, but I had no inspiration and now I found it through sadness. It has been a difficult week for me and I have my ways to feel better and I wanted to share them with you.

☁ just rest and breathe

The easiest way to eliminate the stress/anxiety/sadness is just breathing and rest. I usually get under my blankets on the sofa or in my bed and I just make my best to don't think to anything at all and sometimes I fall aspleep and when I wake up I ususally feel better.

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☁ hot drinks and sweets

Tea makes everything better, calms the nerves and the soul. It's also known that eating something sweet (especially chocolate) helps finding energy and feeling happier.

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☁ contact with nature

Spending time at the park, under the trees, looking at the flowers obviously makes you feel better. Another amazing way that can help the humor is having fun with your pet or a friend's pet. Animals makes everything better!

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☁ clean it out

Feeling down can happen after a long work/school day, so feeling clean and fresh helps. Taking long showers is very relaxing and also after that do like a little "makeover", with the hair, the skin and maybe later do your makeup and so feeling beautiful it's amazing!

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☁ read something

Reading something gives you the opportunity to move your thoughts from your problems to other things like a lovestory, a crime story or just the news on the newspaper.

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☁ favorite movie

Watch your favorite movie or a movie you have seen several times makes you feel calm because you already know the end and how the story evolves. That's what happens with Harry Potter for me.

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☁ listen to music

Obvious but not that much. Like I already mantioned with the movie listen to a sogn you already know it's a way to happiness ad relax, also listen to music based on your mood it's already a step to change that mood. When I am at home alone sometimes I dance and have fun.

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Hope you liked it!
Love, love, love 💕
Fede ⚡️