To my depression,

You are something that I'll probably never lose, you grew inside me and you never left me.
I build a wall around me because you told me so.
I don't trust people because you told me had to do this alone.

you made me love crying and being alone.
you made me wanna leave this world because you told me it'll be better when I'm gone.
you made me believe I didn't wanna live anymore.
you took my reality away

but you told me you'd care for me.
you showed me you're sad but pretty world.

But you destroyed me on the inside, and I didn't know.
you made me wanna leave everything I had but you made it look so nice.
you made me hate myself and love you.
I lost my self respect
you even made me hate looking in the mirror.

you told me I was different so it'll be better if you don't show yourself.
you told me to hide my feeling because nobody cared anyways.

you made it so hard for me to love the people that I should.
I don't see my beauty or the beauty of life anymore.