Dear Ex Bestfriend/Friendship Group,

I hope life treats you all well, although all good things come to an end, never think that I'll ever hate you. Maybe one of the people who I'm writing this to might see it, since I know how much you love this website and everyone else's articles, but if you see this, I love you. You guys, you guys were different. Even though I wouldn't come to sleepovers, come out after 5, go to parties or even properly bond with half of you in the group, the memories, the laughs, the secrets and the jokes are the things I will cherish forever. You all will continue to live on in my heart.

Superthumb friendship

I hope that song that we would always sing together on the way home from school will play one day and you'll think of me, I hope that one day you will see a sign, or an object that would remind you of me and miss all the good times we had together or even stumble across a vine we would always reference together, even though we are still young, dumb, and haven't even gone to college or university yet, I wish you the best. I wish we will exchange smiles or a couple of words in the hallways, please do not be afraid to message me out of the blue because it would honestly make my day.

aesthetic clothes

But here I am, lying in bed, typing away. Thinking about all the positives instead of the negatives and the reason why we cut ties and finished in the first place. Things began to crumble, everyone gone off in pairs, drifted. Not even a friendship group anymore, just a bunch of people you sit down with at lunch and eat food with, I desperately wanted to fix things and glue everything back together but no, unfortunately that's not how life works. Isolation grew to become a thing, there were days where I wouldn't even want to come to school because of how much you all drained the life out of me. You know what, fuck you. Fuck you for making me miserable, fuck you for turning into horrid people, fuck you for constantly talking about me behind my back, fuck you for never thinking about anyone else's feelings, fuck you for making it think that it was all my fault and fuck you for being the one to cut me off. Fuck you.

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- @ordinaryscum