• We all know “that time of the month” isn’t the best time of the month. We tend to crave processed, fattening foods that probably make us feel worse than we did.

➼ Today we have gathered a list of 5 foods you should eat to feel better on your period!

➺ Bananas

These sweet fruits are high in vitamin B6 and potassium that will not only reduc

e cramps but will also help bloating. You can add it into smoothies, oatmeal or simply enjoy it as a snack 🙂

➺ Chocolate

Preferably dark, chocolate not only releases endorphins to improve your mood, it’s also high in magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that’s associated with easing cramps. And who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate on their period?

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➺ No Salt

Salt, unlike bananas will make you feel even more bloated. Sodium causes your body to retain more water, instead drink lots of water to clean your system. And by salt we mean all the processed foods such as crisps, bacon, fries…

➺ No Caffeine

Caffeine just like salt causes water retention to make you feel even more bloated. Instead have herbal teas (camomile and lavender is my favourite!), decaf coffee/tea or just water. It’s not coincidence that water is mentioned so often, try drinking as much as water as possible, it will make you feel better on your period 🙂

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➺ Ginger

Having fresh ginger tea will not soothe an upset stomach, but will also ease painful cramps. To make ginger tea, peel a piece of root ginger, cut it to pieces and steep in hot water. You can also add lemon for extra taste (and vitamin C). I personally drink warm water and lemon juice every morning and add fresh ginger to the mix whenever I want a little bit of kick! Not only will ginger make you feel good on your period, it will also protect you from catching a cold!

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➺ Yoghurt

Not only is it full of calcium to ease the cramps, yoghurt will also lower the risk of experiencing PMS by 40%. Try eating probiotic yoghurts that support a healthy digestive system (therefore ease bloating).

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ϟ If you struggle with cramps, you can also try exercising, although it might seem really hard, it really does help. I don’t recommend you go running, however you can try lighter activities like yoga, stretching and going for a walk. Try these moves to ease your period pain.